A Note for PR, Manufacturers and Donors of Review Equipment

THIS WEB PUBLICATION has been running since 2014 and we’re still developing its strategy. But the fundamental idea has always been to provide in-depth, arms-length, hands-on reviews completely free of manufacturer influence. Which also means that we are very happy to have been able to proceed so far without burdening the reader with any advertising, affiliate links or other ties to vendors.

We’re also immensely grateful to our Web services provider, Machine Networks, as well as the many software and hardware providers who have been able to help us towards this goal.

This should explain why founder David Fanning and I haven’t so far paid much (or, actually, any) attention to Web stats. Manufacturers who’ve been helping us with products generally appreciate our focus on the depth of our investigations and judge the value of the publication on that, rather than hit count. As do, we believe, our readers.

A—happily, small—number of companies initially expressing an interest in a review in Tested Technology have had a different take on this, feeling there’s insufficient business value here for them. We certainly sympathise with this view. We are not an influencer and do not guarantee, promise or even suggest any particular “return on investment”.

Having said that, all donations are very gratefully accepted and always publicly acknowledged.  

Chris Bidmead: 2020/06/24 

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