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Unraid Licence Fee Changes

Lime Technology is making some important changes to its licence tariff. At the time of writing (March 2024) it is still possible to purchase licences of all three levels at the rate mentioned at the top of this piece. That is due to make way for three new tiers of licencing. Two of those, Starter and Unleashed, will be based on a subscription model. The third is a perpetual licence, Lifetime, identical to the current Pro licence but at a higher price.

Further details here.

It’s our understanding that if you hold a current perpetual licence—and this would apply to the Basic licence bundled with the N1—that will continue, free of any annual fees. And current licences will also be upgradeable to the higher tiers, remaining perpetual.

Purchasers of the new Starter and Unleashed tiers will be invited to pay an annual fee (of around half the original price) after the first year if they want to continue to receive updates to the operating system. This will be optional: without this additional payment that existing licence will continue to be valid but the system will not receive further updates. The licence terms will allow users to rejoin the subscription at the 50% rate in any subsequent year, allowing them to catch up with updates.

A question echoing round the Unraid forum is: will crucial security updates be accessible to Starter and Unleashed licencees who have skipped the annual update fee? The answer from Lime Technology seems to be “no”.

Original Licence New Licencing
Tier Price Tier PriceSubsequent
Annual Fee
Basic $59 Starter $49 $25
Plus $89 Unleashed $79 $40
Pro $129 Lifetime $329 $0
New licencing prices are subject to confirmation.

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