Toshiba Canvio Premium Portable Drive


You can never have enough storage.  My first hard drive, back in the early ’80s, was a Seagate ST-506, its massive capacity of 5MB (yes, that’s MEGAbytes) being a snip at around £3,500 in today’s money.  My current MacBook Air hosts a solid state drive (SSD) that’s physically an eighth of the size and over 50,000 times the data capacity. But, as I say, you can never have enough storage. Wheel on the Toshiba Canvio … Continue reading

Epson EH-TW5210 3LED Projector


DLP projectors are getting so good so fast that it’s a race to keep up with them. Now, it turns out, I’m going to have to re-examine my confident assertions in the past about the alternative technology developed by Epson, called 3LCD. In the more expensive Epson machines, as I’ve previously reported here, 3LCD is excellent. But at the cost-restrained entry level below about £1000, I’ve always believed, DLP has 3LCD beaten. That was until … Continue reading

nVidia Shield TV Revisited (part 2)

In part 1 of this follow-up I discussed what you might call the “cosmetics” of the Marshmallow update. It’s time now to delve into the more profound changes under the covers. The Adoptable Storage Story. The concept of “adoptable storage”, introduced in the Marshmallow update, appears to have originated from Google’s initiative for budget phone designs that use only a minimum of storage.  One gig of RAM and eight of flash is enough for basic smartphone … Continue reading

nVidia Shield TV Revisited (part 1)

I wound up my 5 part review of the nVidia Shield TV at the beginning of this year. But it was clear at the time that this useful device would be a key player in living room entertainment, and if nVidia had any sense we’d see further developments. The Shield I’d been reviewing was running Android Lollipop. But no sooner had I (sadly) sent the machine back to the PR company than nVidia issued an upgrade … Continue reading

Lexon Flip LR130 Alarm Clock

Alarm clocks? Hasn’t the ubiquitous smartphone relegated them to the dustbin of history?  These days your phone can wake you up in a million ways in the morning, chirruping the music track of your choice.  But perhaps we’re making these multipurpose devices work too hard. If you long for simpler times, when a single gadget had just one function which it did supremely well, this beautifully rethought bedside companion could be just thing for you. … Continue reading

Buffalo TeraStation 3200

Terastation 3200

Japanese-owned Buffalo was an early pioneer of network-attached storage (NAS). You can always tell the pioneers, as the old industry joke has it, by the arrows in their backs—the arrows in this case having been fired by later arrivals to the NAS game, notably Synology and QNAP, two Taiwanese manufacturers that have been eating the Japanese company’s market share. Buffalo has recently been making a push to win back lost ground with updated versions of its … Continue reading

BlitzWolf and the USB Transition

The arrival of the Huawei P9 signalled for me a new USB era. As I reported in my review, the phone uses the upcoming USB C standard. This isn’t just a new physical configuration, allowing the plug to be inserted either way round into the socket. The standard is also able to carry currents as high as 3 amps, nearly twice the 1.8 amps that’s the official maximum for the ten-year-old microUSB standard it replaces. … Continue reading

Optoma GT5000 UST Projector

gt5000 rear

I’ve shied away from ultra short throw projectors in the past: I’ve found the optics fiddly to set up, unless you’re making a permanent installation, and these devices tend to come at a premium over equivalent standard throw projectors. But there’s another side to this argument. To balance things up I’ve spent the past couple of weeks exploring Optoma’s GT5000. Let’s check out the benefits… THE GT5000 CAN PRODUCE A BRIGHT PICTURE of up to … Continue reading

PNY Technologies Festival Survival Kit

An unusual review, this: a bunch of stuff from PNY Technologies described as a “Festival Survival Kit”, no doubt inspired by the recent mud of Glastonbury. There’s an entry-level sample from PNY’s range of mobile phone battery packs together with a Lightning cable for iPhone users, a 4-in-1 lens kit to supplement your phone’s camera, and an ingenious and very nicely made car mount for your phone that attaches to any front panel air vent. … Continue reading

Huawei P9 Phone, part 3

Printer's Tray

When I started this review I never intended it to run to three parts. But living with the P9 day-to-day has uncovered such a bunch of interesting features I haven’t been able to restrain myself from passing all the news on to you. In part 2 of this review I covered the fascinating rear-facing Leica cameras in some depth, but there remain some other important features of this combo-camera I haven’t covered so far. I … Continue reading