Huawei P9 Phone, part 3

Printer's Tray

When I started this review I never intended it to run to three parts. But living with the P9 day-to-day has uncovered such a bunch of interesting features I haven’t been able to restrain myself from passing all the news on to you. In part 2 of this review I covered the fascinating rear-facing Leica cameras in some depth, but there remain some other important features of this combo-camera I haven’t covered so far. I … Continue reading

Huawei P9 Phone, Part 2

  Part one of my Huawei P9 review is here, but I’ve postponed my review of the P9’s cameras in order to gain as full an understanding as I can of  the principles behind them. And, of course, to work my way through all their myriad functions. I was intending also to cover here other features I’d omitted from part one. But it turns out there’s so much to be said about the cameras that … Continue reading

Huawei P9 Phone, Part 1

In my review of the Cyanogen-based Wileyfox Storm I welcomed the arrival of the new generation of modestly priced smartphones, functional without being flashy, more “burners” than “bling”. I saw the nearly disposable utility smartphone as a trend worth encouraging. Flagship phones, I argued, have had their day. Hardware is transitory; don’t fall in love with it. Huawei’s latest sleek and slim top-end P9 has gone some way to changing my mind. I’ll try to explain why. … Continue reading

Skullcandy Grind Wireless Headphones

I was somewhat dismissive of headphones in my review of the room-filling Yamaha RX-V679. My point being that rather than using music to open up new worlds to us, we tend these days to pipe music direct into our ears to shut out the world when we travel and when we work. But I do use headphones, particularly at home at night to avoid disturbing the family. Wireless headphones, when they’re good, are my preference. And … Continue reading

Eyejusters Reading Glasses

You can pick up cheap reading glasses everywhere, where “cheap” is a variable anything upward of 99p. My house is full of them, if only because I need different focal lengths for different tasks. I work about a foot and a half away from my phone, and around two feet away from my laptop screen, and I need different strength glasses just for those two tasks. Threading needles (yes, I seem to have been elected … Continue reading

BenQ W2000 Projector

Why has it taken me so long to put together this review of BenQ’s sub-£800 projector?  It’s been on the go here at Bidmead Towers since before Christmas. Could it be that I’ve been enjoying it so much I’m reluctant to return this review sample to the manufacturer? Perhaps. My official reason is that its excellence (for a remarkably low price) is subtle. Not easy to put into words. And I want to do it … Continue reading

QNAP TS-451 NAS Server Part 4

With the raw mechanics of RAID out of the way, we’re now ready to get some fun out of this QNAP TS-451 NAS. You’ll have realised by now that it’s a lot more than a chunk of  11TB of storage on my LAN. The daemons we talked about in part 1 can be set to work behind the scenes whipping up all kinds of magic. FOR THE PAST SEVERAL MONTHS the QNAP TS-451 has been working … Continue reading

nVidia Shield TV (part 5)

Last time I said we’d be talking about the non-game uses for the nVidia Shield TV. As it’s an Android device (and, unlike the Amazon Fire Stick and Box, fully Google compliant) the Shield gives you access to a subset of the Google Play Store, although not all the apps there will be appropriate to its function. Let’s take a look at some that are… THE NVIDIA SHIELD TV IS A SLICK launch pad for … Continue reading

nVidia Shield TV (part 4)

nVidia launched the Shield Android TV here in the UK on September the 30th last year. Normally, journalists expect review samples to be available either at the launch itself, or very shortly after. With the Shield it took three months and a dozen or so email exchanges with nVidia’s hard-pressed PR rep, Ben Fletcher, before I could lay my hands on it. And even then—as you’ll have gathered from the story so far—that was only … Continue reading

Wileyfox Storm Android Phone

The first 10″ iPad at the beginning of this decade took two hands to hold comfortably, so you’d need a third hand for pointing, tapping and swiping. Three years earlier the iPhone had introduced us to a new sense of touchy-feely intimacy with the device we held, but its 3.5″ display was too small once you’d popped up a virtual keyboard. And then came the 7″ tablet. There was room to work with an onscreen … Continue reading